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Fishing Diary

Hey, Bubba! There's a big run of Paper Fish in the river! Drop what you're doing' and let's go get 'em!

Say what? What you talkin' about?

Well it sez right here in this Department of Wildlife info on how many Steelhead were caught, river-by- river, month-by-month in the entire state that runs are great and we caught LOTS last season.

Yeah, riigghht! Well, those steelhead punchcards don't lie, do they?

Well, bubba this is the way it is: Wildlife sends a couple of guys out to sample a couple of streams on fish catch, give the info to 'THE COMPUTER' and guess what?

Paper Fish!!! In 87-88 they used a 'Factor' of 1.82. In other words, they multiply fish they think {guessed} were caught by the 'Factor' to arrive at what they think we caught!

This is done because some people don't turn in their punchcard."

Gee, I see by 91-92 the 'Factor' was up to 2.21 and for 92-93 it zoomed to 2.23!!!PAPER FISH!!!

Well, I worked in a Sporting Goods store for eighteen years. Never was asked for those punch cards, thousands of them, by the Wildlife Department. Talked to the Director of Licencing in Olympia one day and asked him if the punch cards were used. Nope!

Wow!!! Good guessing, good Factoring, Big Computer equals PAPER FISH Seems the tribes some time back challenged the Fisheries Department on the number of Salmon caught by sports fishermen. Big study made found out Sports catch was OVERSTATED by 40 to 70%

Wonder how much the steelhead catch is overestimated?"

Why can't they place boxes in ALL licence dealers for just one year and check it against THE COMPUTER.

just so happens the Sportsmen in the Judge Boldt 50/50 catch almost EXACTLY the same amount of fish that the tribes catch."

I doubt the tribes catch PAPER FISH. How do you fish for PAPER FISH? Do you use a paper clip for a lure? How do you clean and cook a PAPER FISH? Come to think of it, tryin' to smoke a paper fish is probably a hot topic!

Think about this if your tired of the smoke & Mirrors in Olympia ,Join your local Sports group and become part of the Solution!

This article was written by the late Don Osterberg on 2/27/94

Having fun on the river
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Cowlitz River Salmon
My brother,dad and I on our annual deer hunt! It seems we always end up fishing instead!

Chehalis River King
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Nice day nice king =one happy fisherman!

Derby Winner
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Here is the winning fish and fisherman of the Friends of the Chehalis fishing derby 1996 I think he was trying to get his bait back??

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This is a springer we hooked on june 25th on the cowlitz

At home after a successful day
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18 pound buck and 12 pound hen

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